Foodclick review “Buyers guide for coffee grinder”

Now, you might already have an efficient coffee maker at home which must be providing you with a delicious cup of coffee every day but is that it? Don’t you want to know if you can somehow get an even better cup of coffee? Yes, you might be thinking that how is that possible but the fresher the ground coffee, the better the taste. So, why don’t you buy your own coffee grinder and make a fabulous cup of coffee every day?

With this guide, you can choose the perfect coffee grinder for yourself or best coffee makers with inbuilt grinders.

Things you need to look out for:


One of the most important things to look out for when buying a coffee grinder is that it should be consistent and should provide you with same high-quality ground coffee every time. This is more likely with a burr grinder which is known for their consistency whereas, a blade grinder could sometimes provide you with an amazing coffee and sometimes it could over grind your coffee beans.


Another thing which you need to look out is for the grind settings. If you like having different types of coffee, then you might need your grinder to have various grind settings. If you want versatility, then you should go for a burr grinder as they can provide you grind settings from super fine to coarser grinds. A blade grinder would provide you with just one basic setting so, make sure you know if you want versatility or not.

Easy cleaning

It would be better if you go for a coffee grinder whose parts can be easily removed and cleaned with a cloth than those grinders whose crevices and cracks need to be cleaned using a brush. Most burr grinders are easy to clean and maintain which makes them a popular choice.

Fewer spills

If you are choosing a blade grinder for yourself, make sure you choose one which comes with a deeper lid to avoid any ground coffee spills.

Less noise

If you want a grinder which makes the least amount of noise, then a blade grinder is out of option as they are known to make the most amount of noise. You could go for a manual grinder as they are quiet but then they take a lot of time and energy, so choose wisely.


If you buy a good quality burr grinder for yourself, you are bound to make a wise investment as these grinders tend to last for a long time due to their metal construction.

Stepped or not?

If you want more control over your ground coffee settings, then you should consider a stepless grinder for yourself as they provide you with an infinite number of grind settings, unlike a stepped grinder.

Flavor and Aroma

You also need to consider your needs and requirements about your brewed coffee. If you want your coffee to taste and smell divine and not lose its essence, then you should definitely go for a ceramic burr grinder as they grind your coffee slowly and efficiently and are great for brewing a good cup of espresso.

6 Ways to keep your kitchen faucet aesthetics intact

While you might find that Kitchen Faucets do last for a long period of time, their looks usually don’t. No matter how good the faucet finish is, if not taken proper care then it would fade and discolor after some time. Who likes an ugly looking Kitchen Faucet?

I certainly don’t. So to make sure that your faucet looks as good as new, you just need to follow these few simple steps:

Take care while Installation

Make sure that when your faucet is being installed, there aren’t any dents or scratches on it. Use the wrench and pliers carefully and install your faucet with utmost care and precision.

Make sure you tighten the Faucet properly and there are no water leakages. Water leakage can end up causing water stains and corrosion to your faucet and can seriously maim its look. Here’s an installation guide for newbies.


Daily Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep your faucet new and shiny looking is by cleaning it every day with a soapy solution and drying it with a dry paper towel.

Wash it and scrub it nicely and remove any kind of marks and stains from its surface and then rinse it clean with cold water. Make sure you dry it immediately and rub your faucet with a dry towel to ensure it is clean and shining.

Removal of Deposits

Sometimes due to the presence of hard water, faucets get minerals and lime deposit on their surface which can seriously ruin their looks.

There are many cleaning agents out there which help in removing the limescale and keep your faucet looking new always. You can also use a homemade vinegar solution to remove limescale deposits from your faucet.

Use Baby Oil or Vinegar Solution

If your faucet has lost its fine shine then there is a simple way to get it back. After the regular cleanup of your faucet, take a vinegar solution on a paper towel and then keep the damp towel on the faucet for a few minutes.

You can also use baby oil to rub your whole faucet well. Both vinegar solution and baby oil will return your faucet’s shine and will protect it from future scratches and water stains.

Don’t use Harsh Chemical cleaners

One thing to keep in mind while cleaning your faucet is to not use any cleaner which is not recommended by the manufacturer.

If you end up using a harsh chemical agent for your faucet then there are chances that you would scrub off the faucet finish and discolor it with the harsh cleaning agent.

So make sure you use only mild cleaners while cleaning your faucets and the ones recommended by your manufacturer.

Don’t let it stain

An important piece of advice to keep your faucet looking lustrous and fresh would be to make sure that you don’t let any water stain appear on your faucet’s surface.

Water stains and spots will tarnish your faucet’s look and end up in corroding your Faucet’s surface so make sure that you don’t let water dry on the faucet and clean up the liquid as soon as possible.

Love Wine? Try these recipes out

White wines can prove to be one of the best ingredients while making your favorite food items as it adds a little more flavor and balance to your cooking.

Once you start using good white wines, you will notice that your cooking talent has increased exponentially and the food tastes so much better now. So next time you try to cook yourself a fancy dinner, pour in a few drops of white wine and witness the magic yourself.

Here are a few white wines which you should consider getting for your cooking experiments:

Dry and Crisp

Dry wines such as Pinot Grigio, unoaked Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are known to be the most versatile wines for cooking.

This type of wine is best for cooking but make sure you go for those which contain only 10-13% of alcohol content as higher alcohol content will take more time to reduce and it would contain less acidity which is one of the primary reason why people use white wines for cooking in the first place.

While Pinot Grigiot is known to be the most flexible type of dry, crisp wine; Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect choice for when cooking seafood and Chardonnay ingrates a certain richness to most food items.


This wine is brilliantly suited for cooking sorbets or Champagne vinaigrette and is often used as a dry white wine substitute in Bleurre Blanc.

If your main worry is how you are going to cook with the bubbles, don’t worry. The bubbles vanish once you start cooking with it, so don’t throw your leftover wine from last night’s party anymore, use it for cooking a delicious meal tonight.


Although this wine is known to be the perfect choice while making a classic chicken or a zeal Marsala but it’s not just limited to that. You can also cook desserts with this dry, complex wine which certainly helps in adding a certain flavor to the desserts.

Try making an Italian dessert, zabaglione and anyone who eats it would crave more from you. You will become the dessert master by using this simple wine, so what are you waiting for?


This wine is imported from the beautiful Portuguese island known as Madeira and it is known to be a fortified wine which comes in various types. “Sercial” is the most popular type which can be used in cooking wellington beef and served as a refreshing aperitif. You can also use this to produce gravy to which it provides a certain savory flavor.

Another use of Madeira is that you can use this instead of Sherry if you wish to or someday run out of Sherry.


One of the most multi-useful wine, this beauty can prove to be great for deglazing and incorporating another layer of depth to the soups and sauces. Just add a dash of sherry, and your food will instantly taste much more appetizing.

This wine is great for serving with seafood like oysters and can add a certain depth to the cream sauces.

Here’s a look at my favorite pasta in wine recipe

5 Kitchen hacks to save time and work efficiently

If you are one of those people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then knowing a few tricks and tips can go a long way in helping you out.

Many accomplished chefs and bakers also sometimes lack the knowledge of few kitchen hacks which could help you in working quickly and sometimes averting the major crisis.

We have made a list of the 5 best kitchen hacks which will make your life infinitely easier while you are cooking and make you wonder why you didn’t think of these simple tricks earlier.

No more tears while cutting onions

Cutting onions have made most of us cry and it is definitely not a pretty sight. So how to stop onions from making you weep? You can freeze your onions before chopping, but make sure that you are planning to cook the onions later because once the onion thaws out, the pieces will become a little soggy.

Another way to prevent the onions from making you weep is to use a bread while cutting. Keep a piece of bread in your mouth so that it is sticking out a little and then cut the onions, the bread will soak the gas which makes you weep and you won’t have to tolerate the tears anymore.

No more rusting on your cast-iron

Never clean your cast-iron with soapy water as it will strip away the seasoning built up on the pan due to all those cooked dishes.

Instead, you should use a salt scrub to gently remove the stuck food. Water will end up creating rust on your pan but the use of salt scrub will not only clean your pan of all food bits but also protect it from rusting.

No more slipping cutting boards

A lot of people complain that when they are cutting or chopping any food items, their cutting board keeps on sliding on the counter and makes it difficult for them to do their work.

Not only that, a sliding cutting board can also be a little dangerous and can cause severe accidents. So to avoid this, put a slightly damp towel beneath your cutting board and then chop your food items, you will notice that your cutting board doesn’t slip anymore.

Keep your knives sharp

Tired of cutting with your blunt knives? Sharp knives are safer than blunt knives and now you can make sure that your knives don’t get blunt any time soon with a few precautionary steps.

Always keep your knives upside down with the blades facing upwards and whenever you transfer cut vegetables and fruits to another plate, make sure you don’t use the blade of the knife to do this as drawing the blade across the cutting board can make it dull faster. Here’s 5 ways to do it


Don’t let your fruits get brown anymore

No one likes to eat chopped fruits when they turn brown, so how do you prevent your fruit from browning?

It is pretty simple, you can either squeeze a little lemon juice on your fruits slices or apply a solution of honey and water to your fruits, both of these methods will keep your fruit from turning brown and looking unappetizing.

For the honey water solution, you will need to have a solution with 1:2 ratio of honey and water. The citric acid, vitamin C, peptides etc. are few ingredients found in lemon juice and honey which help in slowing down the process of oxidation and keep your fruits fresher looking.