5 Kitchen hacks to save time and work efficiently

If you are one of those people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then knowing a few tricks and tips can go a long way in helping you out.

Many accomplished chefs and bakers also sometimes lack the knowledge of few kitchen hacks which could help you in working quickly and sometimes averting the major crisis.

We have made a list of the 5 best kitchen hacks which will make your life infinitely easier while you are cooking and make you wonder why you didn’t think of these simple tricks earlier.

No more tears while cutting onions

Cutting onions have made most of us cry and it is definitely not a pretty sight. So how to stop onions from making you weep? You can freeze your onions before chopping, but make sure that you are planning to cook the onions later because once the onion thaws out, the pieces will become a little soggy.

Another way to prevent the onions from making you weep is to use a bread while cutting. Keep a piece of bread in your mouth so that it is sticking out a little and then cut the onions, the bread will soak the gas which makes you weep and you won’t have to tolerate the tears anymore.

No more rusting on your cast-iron

Never clean your cast-iron with soapy water as it will strip away the seasoning built up on the pan due to all those cooked dishes.

Instead, you should use a salt scrub to gently remove the stuck food. Water will end up creating rust on your pan but the use of salt scrub will not only clean your pan of all food bits but also protect it from rusting.

No more slipping cutting boards

A lot of people complain that when they are cutting or chopping any food items, their cutting board keeps on sliding on the counter and makes it difficult for them to do their work.

Not only that, a sliding cutting board can also be a little dangerous and can cause severe accidents. So to avoid this, put a slightly damp towel beneath your cutting board and then chop your food items, you will notice that your cutting board doesn’t slip anymore.

Keep your knives sharp

Tired of cutting with your blunt knives? Sharp knives are safer than blunt knives and now you can make sure that your knives don’t get blunt any time soon with a few precautionary steps.

Always keep your knives upside down with the blades facing upwards and whenever you transfer cut vegetables and fruits to another plate, make sure you don’t use the blade of the knife to do this as drawing the blade across the cutting board can make it dull faster. Here’s 5 ways to do it


Don’t let your fruits get brown anymore

No one likes to eat chopped fruits when they turn brown, so how do you prevent your fruit from browning?

It is pretty simple, you can either squeeze a little lemon juice on your fruits slices or apply a solution of honey and water to your fruits, both of these methods will keep your fruit from turning brown and looking unappetizing.

For the honey water solution, you will need to have a solution with 1:2 ratio of honey and water. The citric acid, vitamin C, peptides etc. are few ingredients found in lemon juice and honey which help in slowing down the process of oxidation and keep your fruits fresher looking.

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