Love Wine? Try these recipes out

White wines can prove to be one of the best ingredients while making your favorite food items as it adds a little more flavor and balance to your cooking.

Once you start using good white wines, you will notice that your cooking talent has increased exponentially and the food tastes so much better now. So next time you try to cook yourself a fancy dinner, pour in a few drops of white wine and witness the magic yourself.

Here are a few white wines which you should consider getting for your cooking experiments:

Dry and Crisp

Dry wines such as Pinot Grigio, unoaked Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are known to be the most versatile wines for cooking.

This type of wine is best for cooking but make sure you go for those which contain only 10-13% of alcohol content as higher alcohol content will take more time to reduce and it would contain less acidity which is one of the primary reason why people use white wines for cooking in the first place.

While Pinot Grigiot is known to be the most flexible type of dry, crisp wine; Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect choice for when cooking seafood and Chardonnay ingrates a certain richness to most food items.


This wine is brilliantly suited for cooking sorbets or Champagne vinaigrette and is often used as a dry white wine substitute in Bleurre Blanc.

If your main worry is how you are going to cook with the bubbles, don’t worry. The bubbles vanish once you start cooking with it, so don’t throw your leftover wine from last night’s party anymore, use it for cooking a delicious meal tonight.


Although this wine is known to be the perfect choice while making a classic chicken or a zeal Marsala but it’s not just limited to that. You can also cook desserts with this dry, complex wine which certainly helps in adding a certain flavor to the desserts.

Try making an Italian dessert, zabaglione and anyone who eats it would crave more from you. You will become the dessert master by using this simple wine, so what are you waiting for?


This wine is imported from the beautiful Portuguese island known as Madeira and it is known to be a fortified wine which comes in various types. “Sercial” is the most popular type which can be used in cooking wellington beef and served as a refreshing aperitif. You can also use this to produce gravy to which it provides a certain savory flavor.

Another use of Madeira is that you can use this instead of Sherry if you wish to or someday run out of Sherry.


One of the most multi-useful wine, this beauty can prove to be great for deglazing and incorporating another layer of depth to the soups and sauces. Just add a dash of sherry, and your food will instantly taste much more appetizing.

This wine is great for serving with seafood like oysters and can add a certain depth to the cream sauces.

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