Foodclick review “Buyers guide for coffee grinder”

Now, you might already have an efficient coffee maker at home which must be providing you with a delicious cup of coffee every day but is that it? Don’t you want to know if you can somehow get an even better cup of coffee? Yes, you might be thinking that how is that possible but the fresher the ground coffee, the better the taste. So, why don’t you buy your own coffee grinder and make a fabulous cup of coffee every day?

Things you need to look out for:


One of the most important things to look out for when buying a coffee grinder is that it should be consistent and should provide you with same high-quality ground coffee every time. This is more likely with a burr grinder which is known for their consistency whereas, a blade grinder could sometimes provide you with an amazing coffee and sometimes it could over grind your coffee beans.


Another thing which you need to look out is the grind settings. If you like having different types of coffee, then you might need your grinder to have various grind settings. If you want versatility, then you should go for a burr grinder as they can provide you grind settings from super fine to coarser grinds. A blade grinder would provide you with just one basic setting so, make sure you know if you want versatility or not.

Easy cleaning

It would be better if you go for a coffee grinder whose parts can be easily removed and cleaned with a cloth than those grinders whose crevices and cracks need to be cleaned using a brush. Most burr grinders are easy to clean and maintain which makes them a popular choice.

Fewer spills

If you are choosing a blade grinder for yourself, make sure you choose one which comes with a deeper lid to avoid any ground coffee spills.

Less noise

If you want a grinder which makes the least amount of noise, then a blade grinder is out of option as they are known to make the most amount of noise. You could go for a manual grinder as they are quiet but then they take a lot of time and energy, so choose wisely.


If you buy a good quality burr grinder for yourself, you are bound to make a wise investment as these grinders tend to last for a long time due to their metal construction.

Stepped or not?

If you want more control over your ground coffee settings, then you should consider a stepless grinder for yourself as they provide you with an infinite number of grind settings, unlike a stepped grinder.

Flavor and Aroma

You also need to consider your needs and requirements for your brewed coffee. If you want your coffee to taste and smell divine and not lose its essence, then you should definitely go for a ceramic burr grinder as they grind your coffee slowly and efficiently and are great for brewing a good cup of espresso.

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