The ultimate stand mixer buying guide for newbies

Are you looking to buy a new stand mixer for your kitchen? Are you confused about where to start looking? Worry not, we understand how confusing and overwhelming choosing a stand mixer for your home can be and so, we have prepared this guide to help you out in choosing a right stand mixer for yourself and further more will cover some stand mixer reviews in the future.

Which type should you go for?

There are two types of stand mixers which you can choose from: the tilt-head stand mixers and the stationary head stand mixers.

The tilt –head stand mixers allow you to tilt the mixer’s head to add more ingredients or remove the bowl as and when needed and make it much easier and quicker to handle these tasks whereas, a stationary head stand mixer requires you to remove the bowl to add ingredients or check on ingredients and can be a little cumbersome to use.

Factors to consider:

Weight of the stand mixer

One of the most important things to consider when buying a stand mixer is that how heavy it is going to be. If you have less kitchen space, then you might want to go for a stand mixer which is lightweight and can be easily moved around instead of one which is heavy and a little hard to move.

Speed settings option

Another great factor to consider is the speed settings which come with your stand mixer. There are many stand mixers out there which provide some 12-15 speed settings to the customers and some provide as low as 3 settings only, choose the one which you want for yourself.

How often and for what purpose you need

Another thing to consider is your cooking needs, how often you are going to use the mixer or for how many people you would need to prepare the mixture. All of this will help you in deciding what type of stand mixer you want and will make your search a little easier.

Price range

Another important factor to consider is your budget for this stand mixer. If you are looking for the best quality stand mixer, then you might need to spend a little above your budget but if you are looking for a decent looking stand mixer, then you can stay in a low budget.

Attachments availability

Check whether there are a lot of attachments available for your stand mixer or not. An attachment can allow you to perform several other tasks and can come handy in using your stand mixer to perform the tasks of other kitchen tools, so always ensure that your stand mixer has the option of many attachments.

Noise level

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a stand mixer is that whether it makes a lot of noise or not. If it does, then you need to find another mixer as it would become a headache whenever you use the stand mixer. Go for a stand mixer which would work silently.

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