Tips to make the best coffee from a French Press

Brewing coffee with a best French Press coffee maker is probably one of the simplest methods. French Press is best for extracting all the essential oils, capturing aroma and flavors from the beans. Whether you are a French Press enthusiast or you recently have switched from drip coffee maker to French Press, here are some tips which may help you to get the most out of this brew method.

Tip #1. Use a coarse grind

French Press can fully soak the grinds in the water for 3-4 minutes, which provides a lot more contact between the water and grounds than any other brew methods.

When compared, it is found that espresso takes 30 seconds to get brewed. To recoup for the lengthy brew time and immersion, you can use coarse grind while making coffee with a French Press.

Tip #2. Weigh your coffee and water

The most precise way to measure coffee and water is by weighing it. Different coffee has different densities. Such as, South American coffees are less dense than African coffees. Since the densities of coffee beans vary, a volume measurement will not be as precise as the weight measurement.

Thus, the only way to make sure that you have correct coffee-to-to water ratio is by weighing out coffee each time you grind it. The correct coffee-to-water ratio should be between 1:16 and 1:18.


Tip #3. Wet the grinds first

Let’s try some different method of using grind, first wet the grinds for around 30 seconds rather than immediately filling the French Press. It allows your coffee to bloom and gives time to carbon dioxide to escape (if any) thus, it doesn’t sour your brewed coffee.

Tip #4. Stir 1 minute in

Many times, all the grounds rise to the top of the press and are not fully plungedinto the water. In that case, give it a good stir of 1 minute into the brewing process. This will push them back into the water.

Tip #5. Brew for 4 minutes

Brewing time in the French Presses should be 4 minutes. This is the exact time when water hits the coffee. You can set time on your phone, use a kitchen timer or a coffee scale that has a timer to time out four minutes.

Tip #6. Plunge and pour

Press down the plunger, once your coffee is brewed. You are completely ready to enjoy. If you don’t want to drink all the coffee right away, pour the remaining coffee into a thermal carafe to avoid over-extraction.

Plunge and pour

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