Bon Appetit, It’s Christmas! Dishes You Must Try!

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Dishes You Must Try!

Its Christmas! And Christmas means food, food and lots of food! This merry season is all about celebrating with family and making memories which last until next Christmas, isn’t it? Christmas in India is a blend of the various cultures and traditions that make India stand apart from the rest of the world. The cuisine in Christmas varies from East Indian recipes, to Goan and Maharashtrian dishes galore!

Here are 5 Christmas dishes from around India which you can add on your Christmas Menu this year!

Bon Appetit!

  • Chicken Vindaloo

One of Christmas’s defining dishes among the East Indians of Mumbai is Chicken Vindaloo, a must try for everyone! Made with a special Vindaloo masala which is easily available in the market, this quick dish is made by just adding the masala in your regular chicken. The flavourful masala makes the chicken taste very special and it is definitely something that everyone will love and want more of!

  • Pork Sorpotel

No Christmas in Goa would be complete without Pork Sorpotel! Made using a special “Bottle Masala”, this one is a no brainer! The bottle Masala is one of the most essential East Indian Spice Blend made with a variety of spices with each East Indian family having a recipe of their own. it gets its name from the recycled beer bottles which were used to store the masala and prevent sunlight from reaching it. 

  • Malvani Chicken Curry

Born from the Konkan region of Maharashtra, this chicken curry made with Malvani masala is a finger-licking favourite of all the Maharashtrians! Malvani chicken curry served with rice, bhakri or chapati can be added to your Christmas menu without a doubt. Most of the Maharashtrians make Malvani Masala at home, but you can even find homemade malvani masala online!

  • Biryani

Who does not love Biryani! Just like it is enjoyed during many celebrations, Biryani plays an equally important role during Christmas celebrations as well! Made with a fine quality Basmati rice, Biryani is prepared in various ways. Hyderabadi Biryani to Mughlai and Bombay Biryani, it is devoured lovingly all across the country!

  • Kheer

We cannot end any feast without satisfying our sweet tooth and this gets us to our last dish on the menu for the day, Kheer! Made with vermicelli, or rice, milk, sugar and ghee, this is a must-have on the menu. Top your kheer with some chopped dry fruits some nuts, some strands of saffron and you have this divine sweet dish ready for Christmas!