Enjoying Your Time On A Rooftop Bar

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It seems like there is a rooftop bar appearing in every city these days. With their catchy names and beautiful views, how could you not want to spend your time up high? But what do you really need to know before heading up to one for the first time? If you enjoy a cool drink and conversation while taking in gorgeous scenery, then you’re set! Here are some basic facts about rooftop bars that will help make sure this is your idea of a perfect night out.

What is a rooftop bar?

Simply put, it’s a bar that has an outdoor area with a view. There are some rooftop bars that have enclosed space as well, but this article will focus on those establishments that are nearly all outside. Most rooftop bars fall into one of two categories: either they’re located atop hotels or they’re part of restaurants or clubs. It is not uncommon to find a combination of these two types of installations in the same city. Rooftop bars are very popular in New York City, where many of the city’s top attractions are located in these establishments.

Do I need a reservation?

No, not necessarily. If you want to be sure of getting a seat there are several steps to follow. First and foremost, stay away from the weekend evenings. The demand for rooftop seats is usually out of control during the warm summer days and weekends. It’s best to get yourself there as early in the week as you can. Second, try to reserve seats close to the area where most of the action will be taking place. That way, you’ll also be able to move if someone is leaving or joining your table and you don’t have a far walk/shoot up. Last, if you want to be sure to be safe and in the entertainment area, make reservations beforehand.

What should I wear?

Wear anything that will ensure you’re comfortable wearing it (this includes a cap for those that are bald). If you don’t want to wear something, feel free to bring a blanket or jacket. There is nothing worse than having your drink knocked over because a person is too hot or too cool. Also, some rooftop bars have a dress code. The only way to make sure is to ask beforehand or look it up online.

Where are rooftop bars located?

While they’re all over the world, there are a few key cities that have truly taken to them and you spend your time looking down on the bustling activity of a major city. In the United States, the best rooftops bars are in New York City. However, San Francisco and Chicago also have excellent spots with a great view. 620 Jones being one in San Fransciso that I would recommend.

What should I drink?

Don’t be afraid to ask the bartender if there are any specialty drinks on the menu. Most rooftop bars mix specialty drinks, so if you don’t see something you’d like to try don’t hesitate to ask. Much of the time, you’ll be able to order a drink that is exactly like it’s in a typical bar or restaurant. You can also get some of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks, such as champagne or mixed drinks, in your favorite drinklike form.