Ido Fishmans Catering Services For Your Business, Wedding, and Party

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There cannot be a single big event without the involvement of catering companies, be it a wedding banquet or a social event. However, those who never took it upon themselves to organize such ceremonies are unfamiliar with the concept of “catering”. Let’s start with its decoding and content.

“Catering” – A word translated from English means the organization of food supplies or catering. In general terms, the concept has the same interpretation in Russian. Namely, catering – the preparation and delivery of dishes on the site chosen by the customer. catering long beach ca is commonly understood as the preparation of which a professional organization is responsible for. Among these, Ido Fishmans catering services is also an organization that provides catering services for your business, wedding, and party.

Basic Catering Services

Ido Fishmans catering services provide turnkey banquet and reception organization services. This means that in one place you can not only order menu preparation and preparation of dishes but also many additional options. Catering:

  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be brought to order;
  • They will select a site for a field event;
  • will rent utensils, furniture, and clothing;
  • Will take care of guest service.

Event management is also at the discretion of the organization from planning to take on off Site Catering The Hamptons NY. For this reason, the service is greatly appreciated. It is beneficial for customers that the catering company “delivers the restaurant” at a location convenient to them, and the number of organizational issues and checks for payment has decreased significantly.

  • indicative budget;
  • Number of invitees;
  • date and time of celebration;
  • Event format;
  • Special eating habits.

Outline a portrait of the holiday, and your bachelor party, wedding, or anniversary will be remembered. It is the catering that will add charm and carelessness to it.

Benefits of catering

The major benefits that make catering valuable are flexibility and mobility. And catering services do not see obstacles if it is necessary to hold a banquet not in a comfortable hall, but in the country or on the roof of a tall building. More room and a selection of main dishes, snacks, and drinks. Professionals are not limited by strict deadlines and a clear list of mandatory services. All because catering involves personality and creativity.

Catering Service Format

Originally, they resort to the help of catering companies when the task is to organize a large event and pomp it. However, even chamber events of a commercial and personal nature require professional catering. Next, we’ll tell you in which cases and how they hold receptions, and cocktails.


An outdoor banquet is the most popular format for holding private and corporate events. At this reception, all guests are seated at places reserved for them, with cold snacks and salads already on the table. The waiters take care of the guests. They serve hot drinks and desserts.

You can have a banquet in any area of ​​ample area: a banquet hall, restaurant, country mansion, or a summer tent in nature. The menu of catering companies includes a full range of dishes: cold and hot appetizers, salads, main hot dishes, desserts, and pastries.

Gala dinner

From the banquet – that guests sit at the tables served, but the main dishes are prepared in their presence. Hence this format of catering is considered more important. Dinner changes take place one after the other, with 2 dishes served in each serving.

Since additional space is not required for snacks and salads, catering services provide small diameter tables for rent. The center of the countertops is full of decorations: flower arrangements, candles, thematic decorations.


There are more reasons for organizing a buffet reception. This easy-to-use service format fits well with business events, corporate parties, and after party. The main difference between a buffet table and a banquet is the absence of seating for guests in the traditional sense of the word. Participants of the celebration roam freely around the hall, talking and trying different types of breakfast.

Guests are also responsible for self-service: they take glasses from buffet lines and tables allocated for them. The waiter’s work involves pouring wine and cleaning dirty dishes. The dynamics of the buffet leave their mark on the menu. All dishes are prepared in a compact format so that they can be eaten without the use of cutlery.

For these reasons, if free space is limited and the number of guests is large, the buffet is considered an excellent solution. The standard time for parties is 2-3 hours.

Coffee break

A short meal break between parts of the main event: a business meeting, conference, or seminar. Participants are served juice and mineral water, tea, and coffee. And them – pastries, fruits, miniature snacks. A coffee break is not expected to be served.

Candy Bar

A dessert table. The most delivery thanks to weddings and. At the catering company, you can order the candy bar as a separate option or as an addition to the multi-format catering menu. For a sweet table, choose desserts with portions that can be eaten without cutlery. These are cupcakes, pasta, fruit baskets, marshmallows, cookies. Decorate the table using flowers and thematic figures.

Food delivery

The delivery of food that does not include service is the basic offer of any catering company. It is often chosen by private customers when it is necessary to set up a rich table in a short period of time, and there is no time for preparation, as well as the budget for organizing a fabulous banquet.

Unlike the delivery service, catering includes a more diverse selection and good quality dishes. Also, if necessary, you can rent porcelain. After the holiday, the Catering Courier will return for them.

Multi-format event

Multi-format events are those that involve multiple types of services within a single event. Typically, business conferences, exhibitions, and forums lead to their holding. In this case, the day starts with breakfast. This is followed by some coffee breaks, then a buffet or lunch. The holiday ends with a lush banquet.

Ido Fishmans catering services Due to the complexity of the organization, such events must be relied on by professional catering, able to create a diverse menu, behave plentifully, and conduct the highest level of guest service.


Ido Fishmans catering services – A catering service provided by a professional catering company or restaurant. The main formats of catering are food delivery, buffet, banquet, gala dinner, coffee break, animation station, and multi-format events.