Misti Daahi without using Curd

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Catering services in Kolkata have multiple weapons. Misti Daahi is one of them. One among the most homely dishes for the Bengalis.


  1. Milk- 5 ½ cup
  2. Sugar/ Jaggery- 1½ cup
  3. Dried chillies with stem- 2-3 pcs
  4. Earthenware- 4 pcs
  5. Aluminum foil wrap- 1 metre

Procedure for making the Starter or Jaman:

  1. Take a round vessel, and add half a cup of raw milk to it. Boil the half cup of raw milk well enough for the next step.
  2. Boil it until the milk starts developing cream rings on top. Caterers in Kolkata usually use bigger Amounts of milk for making the jaman.
  3. Turn the gas off, and let the milk cool for a few moments.
  4. Then take a small bowl and pour the warm milk into the container.
  5. Now it is time for the final ingredients. Take two to three dried red chillies and add them into the warm milk. Make sure that the stem is entirely dipped inside the milk.
  6. Keep that container warm milk and red chillies inside a warm place.
  7. Most preferably inside a casserole or a hot shelf. For at least 9-12 hours, depending upon the climate of your location.
  8. If your oven has the option of cud formation, then use it for fermenting the milk. (Caterers in Kolkata, usually have these sorts of professional setup)
  9. When the milk starts showing signs of slightly slimy consistency. Then you have your Jaman ready for the next step.

The stem of the red chillies has an enzyme that helps the milk to ferment well with surroundings. Caterers usually choose formed or marketed curd as a Jaman or starter. But catering services in howrah make their own Jaman with the above process, or using lemon juice or green chillies with stem.

But it is more effective and less time consuming with dried red chillies. The best caterers use this as a weapon.

Procedure for making the Misti Daahi:

  1. Take a round vessel and let 4 cups of milk in it.
  2. Start the Gas immediately in the vessel and start stirring it.
  3. The milk should be entirely pure and homogenised. Let the milk boil and have cream rings on top.
  4. Scratch off all the solid crusts of milk forming around the vessel into the boil.
  5. Let it boil and reduce into a light sticky texture.
  6. If you are using sugar, then add the one and a half cup of sugar into the vessel and let it dissolve with the creamy milk.
  7. But if you are using Jaggery, which is the key ingredient used by the catering services in Kolkata. Then stop the milk and let it cool for 8-9 minutes.
  8. Add the one and a half cups of chopped jaggery into the slightly cooled milk. Mix it well, and start the gas again.
  9. Let it boil well with the palm jaggery, and turn into a slightly off white mixture.
  10. Now, it is time for mixing the final ingredient. Add two tablespoons of previously fermented Jaman in the vessel and turn off the gas, as soon as mixed well.


Add the mixture into four earthenware pots. Cover the top with lids formed with aluminium foil. Keep those pots inside a medium temperature place, like a cool shelf,  under the table, inside a cooled oven. (Most often used by catering services in Kolkata.

After 10 hours, take the pot out and remove the lid. You have your misti Daahi ready to be served. Have it after lunch or dinner. The catering services in Kolkata usually serve this wonderful dessert post lunch or any time of the day.