Popular Hacks For Storing An Opened Champagne Bottle Overnight

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Champagne is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices when it comes to fermented drinks. Be it a celebration or a friendly gathering, a bottle of premium champagne can always cheer the spirit. People from across the world consider tossing the cock of the champagne bottle a symbol of cheering. But, storing the leftover champagne often seems a tricky task. 

If you cannot complete the bottle in one go, make sure to store it carefully. Champagne can lose its bubbles once open, and the next day it may taste bland if not stored well. Here is a simple yet effective way of storing half-filled bottles as fresh as the unopened ones. 

The Spoon Hack

Once you have partly consumed champagne from a bottle, place a metal spoon in the bottleneck before storing it. The metal spoon dangling in the champagne bottle’s neck helps maintain the pressure inside the bottle. 

This, in turn, helps restore the bubbles of the champagne. Therefore, the next morning, when you open the bottle, you will find the content fresh and bubbly. Undoubtedly, the trick is easier than you think. All it takes is a metal spoon placed carefully in the champagne bottleneck. Once done, let the bottle chill in your refrigerator overnight. That’s it!

Now, if you think about why this spoon-trick will bear results, the science behind it is as simple. We all know that metals get cold faster. In this case, the dangling metal spoon gets colder and keeps the interior of the bottle cold as well. 

This restricts the gas inside the bottle from escaping. Thus, the bubbles remain intact for a longer time, prohibiting the champagne from getting flat. Even the renowned champagne manufacturers approve of this method of storing champagne. Try it yourself the next time you have some champagne left in the bottle. 

The Hermetic Trick

If you are not a spoon hack person, you can also try the metal corks available in the market for storing champagne. They are metal-made corks made to fit the champagne bottleneck to keep the content fresh and bubbly. 

The price of these corks, otherwise called “Hermetic”, is not very high. Hence, this will also be an inexpensive way of keeping your champagne fresh for days after opening. However, do not try the wine bottle corks for this purpose. Even though the corks may appear to be a perfect match, they seldom succeed in preserving the scintillating taste of champagne. 

Whether you choose the spoon or the hermetic, store your used champagne bottle within 47 to 50°F. You should never serve warm or even lukewarm champagne. This kills the taste further. Something as bubbly as champagne tastes best when served cold. 

Moreover, higher temperatures will also trigger the process of bubble diffusion. As a result, your champagne will taste flat even after your efforts of storing it. A glass of champagne can be your way of celebrating anything you consider worth cheering for. Hence, store it well for the next consumption and give in to its bubbly taste.