Reasons to Dine in an Apple Valley Distillery Restaurant

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Are you planning to go on a food trip to Apple Valley restaurants

There are plenty of good places to grab a bite in the tranquil, scenic town. With so many places to go, you might wonder which spot is the best to go to by yourself or with friends and family. If you have not considered it yet, why not try a distillery restaurant?

What is a Distillery Restaurant?

The latest trend in upscale dining, distillery restaurants are hybrid operations combining a fully functional distillery with restaurant service. They have an expanded menu serving meals made of luxurious, farm-to-table ingredients and a boost of bold flavors. Most Dine In Family Restaurant sterling heights mi give their guests a tour of how they make their spirits and may even offer them some of their signature alcohol to taste.

Why Should you Dine in a Distillery Restaurant?

Enjoy Farm-to-Table Meals

Distillery restaurants use ingredients grown from their farms or sourced from local farmers, serving their guests some of the best meals boasting bold and fresh flavors other restaurants may not have. Their meals may also be healthier and often seasonal, so you’ll have various food depending on the time of year. 

Take a Tour of the Distillery

Distillery restaurants have one activity ordinary restaurants cannot offer their guests: a tour of the facilities creating your favorite beverages. You can be given the opportunity to learn about how liquor, gin, rum, beer, and vodka are made while you dine, and you may even be given a chance to take home your choice of spirits.

A “Home away from Home” Experience

If you are a traveler hoping for some homely dining, a distillery restaurant has the perfect atmosphere to make you feel like you are back home. With a light and friendly ambiance, hospitable staff, and great food and drinks, you might as well find comfort and relaxation by staying for a while.

Great Place to Catch Up

Distillery restaurants provide the perfect environment to hang out with friends and family. You can share stories and have pleasant conversations over a plate of steak and a glass of whiskey. Often, the place can be accompanied by warm music and a rustic aesthetic – truly a great place to be!

You should not miss out on dining in a distillery restaurant when visiting Apple Valley, California. We recommend trying out this fantastic experience at Town’s End Stillhouse. Complete with a distillery, restaurant and bar, and a farmer’s market, no other spots could compare. Visit them at 22020 U.S., HWY 18, Apple Valley, CA, or call (760) 961- 8696 to learn more.