Reasons to Order Cupcakes for Your Birthday

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Your birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to do. You could go out to eat, but you are pretty busy with work and other activities. You could have a party at your house, but then you have to clean up after everyone leaves. What if there was another option? What if you could order cupcakes instead of going for the traditional birthday cake?

There are many reasons to order cupcakes for your birthday instead of a cake. Cupcakes are not only more affordable, but they are also easier to transport and store. Here are five more reasons to choose cupcakes for your next birthday celebration:

  1. You can skip the cake cutting ceremony.

A birthday cake is always fun to enjoy, but it can be stressful when you are the one responsible for cutting. Every time there’s a lot of people in your room and someone wants their slice; well let’s just say things get interesting fast! Not only do they take up more precious space on tables or plates (cake isn’t exactly tiny), which leaves little room left over towards socializing—but who wants frosting all over themselves while trying desperately not to spill anything onto another person?

With cupcakes, you don’t have to go through the cake cutting ceremony and enjoy bonding with your guests.

  1. Everybody gets an even share.

However, there is no guarantee that everyone will get the same size when cutting a cake. This can lead to an uncomfortable argument between kids who are comparing their pieces and believing they got cheated by getting less than someone else because of it!

Cakes are great, but cupcakes make it easier for health-conscious people of all ages to enjoy their dessert without worrying about the size. Portion control is a lot simpler when you’re looking at one cupcake versus deciding on a slice (or more).

  1. We all get to taste the frosting.

What makes cakes really taste is the frosting. However, there are instances when the frosting on the cake is not evenly spread, so some slices have more than others. This won’t be the case for cupcakes, as each piece is topped with an even amount of frosting (and other toppings, too!).

The creamiest, most delicious frosting you will ever taste is now available for all. This means everyone can enjoy an equal amount of yummy goodness that tops these cupcakes and makes them complete.

What to consider when ordering cupcakes for your birthday

When ordering cupcakes for your special day, of course you have a few things to look at, such as:

  1. Budget – Your budget plays a crucial role when choosing between cakes and cupcakes If money is tight, go with mini cupcakes instead, since they bake much faster than cupcakes or the regular-sized cake. Mini cupcakes can also serve more guests during your celebration.
  2. Number of guests – It’s also important to consider how many people will be celebrating with you. This way, you know how many cupcakes to order and how much time it would take for the cake shop to deliver your order.