Tips When Picking The Best Wedding Caterer Within Your Budget

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Wedding preparations is a huge task. And one of the things that you need to take care of would be the reception, specifically the food. Remember that aside from celebrating the union between husband and wife, what is served during the reception is something that guests will be looking forward to the most.

That is why picking the right caterer is crucial. These days, food truck Adelaide for weddings is the trend. But before you decide, here are some tips to help you pick the perfect caterer:

Plan Based on Budget

Before you can pick a wedding caterer, you need to know your budget. Wedding expenses can be overwhelming. And usually, reception and catering take about 45% to 50% of the wedding budget. But that would of course depend on the caterers that you pick. Some can be really pricey, while others can be right on the budget depending on the type of food and style.

Personally Do Taste Test

Some couples leave the food taste test to people that they trust. However, it would be best that you take time out of your planning schedule to personally do the taste test on the possible food that will be served during the reception. This will give you an idea about their culinary skills and presentation.

Determine the Ratio of Servers

Before you seal the deal, ask the caterer about their ratio of servers to guests. This will of course depend on the type of reception that you will be having. If it is a seated dinner, then you need servers. And if it is a buffet, then fewer assistants will be needed. And if you want an outdoorish feel, then you can prefer wedding food trucks instead which are commonly preferred for informal wedding receptions.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes, trying to impress your guests will tend to make your preparations go overboard. If you want a simple wedding and reception, then follow through with the food and drinks preparation. Keep it as simple as possible. Do not overwhelm your guests.

Ask for References

Some couples ask caterers for references but never really call them. Others are too ashamed to disturb strangers and ask questions about the wedding caterer. But don’t be. Most likely, they too have gone through this process to ensure that they are picking their right wedding caterer. So give an effort to call at least two references provided to help give you peace of mind in the decision of hiring them.

Finding the right wedding caterer should be done ahead of time. It will take lots of preparation and planning so you should find them months before your wedding. There are plenty of caterer options these days. Make sure that you consider the tips mentioned above for a successful one.