Top Reasons Why Bakers Choose Organic Flour

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Do you know the difference between organic flour and regular flour? Many bakers know the difference because each option comes with a set of benefits. During farming, there are a lot of things that happen. Farmers use pesticides and chemicals to grow their food, and we have since the impact it has on the environment. Still, others practice sustainability through organic farming. Organic flour is produced from organic farming, where farmers don’t use chemicals or artificial fertilizers to grow the wheat. Organic flour is also not genetically modified and does not have enhancers. Here are the top reasons why bakers prefer organic flour over others.

Before we look at these reasons, it is crucial to understand the meaning of organic farming. This kind of farming and food production ensures no harmful chemicals are utilized in the processing. The wheat grows naturally without using artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones, and solvents. So, why organic flour?

  1. No Artificial Pesticides Used

Pesticide poisoning contributes to a percentage of annual deaths in the world. According to WHO, a good number of people die every year from pesticide poisoning. In short, pesticide use affects not only the consumer but the farmers and the products. Farmers use insecticides and fungicides to eliminate pests. Unfortunately, the chemicals get in the way, and people die from the toxins acquired from the food. The good thing about organic flour is that it is organically made. That means that farmers do not use synthetic pesticides to kill pests. Instead, they use natural methods, which ensures no chemicals get into the plants or the soil. Therefore, bakers choose sustainability and avoid adding toxins to their products by choosing organic flour.

  1. No GMOs 

There is a lot of evidence behind the health impact of GMO products. According to health experts and scientists, genetically modified products harm your health. For instance, genetically modified plants are immune to herbicides. That means that farmers have to spray more to kill pests. Once this happens, more toxins find their way inside the food, which means people consume more chemicals.

  1. No Chemical Fertilizers

The chemicals used to make fertilizers harm the body and the soil. The fertilizers are made from natural gas or petrol, contributing to climate issues. They also lead to soil degradation. Even though they give good yields, it only happens for a moment before they kill the soil. In the long run, they significantly negatively impact soil nutrition and its ability to retain water. They also lead to dead zones, which significantly impact marine life and the climate. Therefore, choosing organic flour produced without using these fertilizers helps reverse these effects and keeps the planet safe.


These are not the only reasons why bakers choose organic flour. However, they are the major ones that help bakers produce healthy products from their work. Therefore, choosing organic flour is great both for your body and the planet’s sake. It helps protect the environment, maintain healthy bodies and achieve sustainability. So, if you are a baker, consider these benefits and start using organic flour for the best results.