Weber Electric Grill Troubleshooting Guide 

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Roasting your meat before cooking is an excellent way to make your dish have a unique flavor and smell. The Weber Electric Grill is an outstanding and accepted product in the world of grilling and cookout. And It is one of the most solid and advanced devices when it appears to grill beef in a tantalizing and delicious way. This is one device that you require on your side if you want to enjoy an amazing dish with your family and friends. And this Weber Grill provides you fabulous and astonishing service. Josh Parker, BBQ expert at, reports on the most frequent troubleshooting on the weber electric grill.

We all know that the Weber Electric Grill is a strong device. But sometimes there are some problems that interfere with our cooking and make the food taste worse. Those problems involve damage, not heating correctly, etc. Also, it doesn’t burn your meat perfectly at the same time when it gets overburdened. This normally happens because of incorrect smoking and a failure to managing on par with decent heat.

So if you don’t know the correct troubleshooting rules for the Weber Electric Grill you have no reason to worry. Below we will show a detailed troubleshooting guide observing weber q1400 review for your comfort. Let’s check out the full content.

Weber Electric Grill Troubleshooting Guide 

In this guide, we have covered some skillful troubleshooting advice when your Weber Electric Grill does not work properly.

Grill Is Not Heating Up 

If your grill is not heating up properly can be annoying you. This may be due to overheating if you inadvertently turn off the gas regulator’s bypass protection. The controller is a silver round or snow-shaped device that sits between the hose and the gas tub. If the controller recognizes a leak, it will close the gas supply. You can reset the controller switch off the gas in the tub and switch off all the heaters.

Then turn on the gas in the tank again and wait a moment or two for the pressure on the tank and tights to adjust. And turn on the heaters and burn normally again.

Another reason why your grill may not be heated is the lack of fuel. This is because propane tanks are very heavy even when they are empty which is why it is often not understood. You can refill the tank or switch out your tank with another one to see if the problem is solved. And if you’re using your grill to connect with a natural gas line, Then see if the gas line is on or off.

Burner won’t Light 

When you turn on your burner and press the igniter button but notice that it is not working, you first check the tank valve is switched on. Also, check out the gas issue using the match to ignite the burner. If it works then ignite the problem.

Make sure the ignition wires are well connected.

 Then press the button again. It should be clicked before turning to the external position. For spirit line grills, make sure the ceramic igniter is fully plugged into the burner tube igniter pipe.

And if the ignition system uses any type of battery, make sure it is set perfectly.

The hissing sound is associated with the smell of gas

Whenever you see a hissing sound or the smell of gas in it, check out the rubber tape of the LPG cylinder plug. It may be broken otherwise disabled. It needs to be returned to a retailer to be replaced.

The flames are bright yellow or orange

When you grill and you see that the flames of the grill are turning yellow instead of blue, the screen is blocked by spiders and insects. Take a look at the necessary ingredients and clean them thoroughly.

Frequent Flare-Ups

When you feel the flame-ups, it is usually because the interior of the grill has become too dirty. If there is extra grease buildup in the cook box, the lubricant will not be capable to go down in the catch pan. Buildups on grilling gratings can also be extensive.

We advise you to clean the burners, grilling grates, and cooking boxes regularly as soon as the cooking is over. And preheat the grilling gratings for 10 minutes before starting cooking.

Grill Light Won’t Turn On

If the top of your web grill is decorated with lighting for a night barbecue, it will start when the cover is open. Once you have removed this cover, try pressing the alert switch. This problem can also be caused by the battery. Also keep in mind that if there is no grill activity at that time, the light turns off automatically after 30 minutes. You can relaunch it by pressing the alert button.

The Bottom Line 

Here we give you our detailed troubleshooting guide about Weber Electric Grill and which helps you troubleshoot your grill easily. And if you keep your great grill clean regularly, you will not have to face these problems and it will be long-lasting.

So we advise you to keep your grill clean regularly to avoid these problems. And we hope that the complete guide is useful for you.