What are different Halloween oreo spider recipes?

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Halloween is coming, so we will show you how to make spiders with Oreo cookies and liquorice, which is ideal to do with children or at a Halloween party. In addition to other similar cookies, that will be ideal for Halloween Crafts.


There are such simple and fun crafts that you think! But what a good idea! If it is also a craft that can be eaten, success is assured, even more so if it is something as delicious as an Oreo cookie.

This recipe is very simple to make, like many of the cookie recipes we have already given you before, and once we have “gotten the hang of it”, I am sure that even your children can make them completely on their own.


A package of mini or regular Oreo cookies

black liquorice rolls

Tube of white icing (used to decorate birthday cakes)


If you want to make the most realistic spiders, you have to cut eight strips of liquorice, not like in my case where I only cut 4.

We have used black liquorice to make it more in line, but you can also do it with red liquorice to contrast a little.

Open the oreo cookie and place four legs on each side of the white part.


To make the eyes, we will have different options, some easier and faster than others, but they are all valid.

On the one hand, you can prepare a glaze with icing sugar and a little water. On the other hand, it has to be solid, so it does not spill all over the cookie.

On the other hand, you have the option that we have used. For example, with a toothpick or the tip of a knife, take a little bit of the white part of the cookie, make two small balls and gently crush them against the cookie, so you will have two white eyes.

Finally, we have the option of placing a couple of white candies of the «lacquer» type. Then, we stick them with a little hazelnut or peanut butter.


You close the cookie with the other lid, and that’s it. You can now place them anywhere in the house and prepare for anyone to get a tremendous scare.


If you also serve it on a black or orange plate or platter, your spiders will stand out even more.

What do you think of the spiders made with Oreo cookies? Surely you will have been delighted with how easy it is to make them, but the truth is that it is not the only recipe for Halloween that we can make.

In this way, there is the possibility that, from a box of Oreo cookies, we can also make terrifying eyes like the ones you see above and that we explain below (the straight one is from the American blog of Cincyshopper, she uses very specific ingredients, but you will easily find them).



12 Oreos

12 Live Savier Gummies or similar candies

12 chocolate chips

Red candies that we can split or red liquorice.



Carefully remove the tops from the Oreo cookies and save them for another recipe or you can cut them up and then serve them as a side.

The cookies are placed on a baking tray, and on top of each one of them, on top of the cream, we put strips of red candy or a strip of red liquorice.

Put the Oreos in the microwave for 30 seconds and then stir them, noticing that the white cream has gone soft and that the red strips of caramel look like bloodshot veins in the eyes. 

We put a “gummy” candy in the centre as if it were the eye’s iris. You must place the caramel while the cookie is still hot so that it sticks.


Then we put a chocolate chip in the centre to make the effect as if it were the pupil.

Place in the refrigerator for about ten minutes so that the cookies recover their state and we can savour them.


As we have already seen how to make your spiders with Oreo cookies for Halloween, we can also make spider webs with these cookies, as seen above.

In this way, in a tray similar to the one in the photo, you can combine the cookies decorated as a spider or spider web.

These cookies are easy to decorate; follow the steps, and you will see how they look terrifying.


One package of Oreo cookies

White chocolate melted or to melt

Pastry bag


Take the cookies out of the box and place them on a tray. We take the melted white chocolate (you can melt it in the microwave, in a bain-marie or buy it already melted) and start decorating.

For the decoration, you must pour the white chocolate into the pastry bag, which should have a small nozzle since the base to be decorated is that of the cookie.

On each cookie, start by making a circle of white chocolate around the edge, and so on, until you reach the centre.

Once you have made the chocolate spiral, you must make small strips of white chocolate from the centre to the outside or vice versa.

Once you have decorated all the cookies, put them in the fridge for at least ten minutes so the chocolate can harden.