Where Can You Get Authentic Mac And Cheese In Singapore?

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Mac and Cheese are probably rare foods that bring comfort to the soul. Those who have it as a staple food would know how hard it is to stay without it, even during the holidays. After all, can there be anything more savoury and flavourful than a piping hot skillet full of pasta pockets soaked in gooey Cheese? 

Whether you are searching for a bowl of rich and creamy Mac and Cheese or a perfectly crusty version, some of the top places serve the best mac & cheese in Singapore.

Singapore’s Best Food Joints Serving Delicious Mac And Cheese

  • Bedrock Bar And Grill: Bathe Your Tongue In Gooey Cheese Sauce

Given how the restaurant is famous for its meat-oriented cuisines, you wouldn’t even think it could serve you authentic Mac and Cheese. The macaroni pasta here is soaked in gooey cheese sauce created by the top chefs using a mix of parmesan and gorgonzola cheese topped with homemade truffle butter. 

  • Overeasy: Experience The Classic Mac And Cheese

An American diner would downright reject a menu that doesn’t have their staple- Mac and Cheese. At OverEasy, you will get the most traditional combination of Mac and Cheese. The dish is carefully crafted with a variety of bechamel and three-cheese sauce before using breadcrumbs for toppings. However, to spice it up, you can ask for some wild mushrooms and truffles.

  • Yardbird Southern Table And Bar: Enjoy Delicious Lobster Mac And Cheese

While Yardbird Southern Table and Bar is famous for its Chicken’ n’ Watermelon’ n’ Waffles, you shouldn’t also miss their classic Mac and Cheese dish. The American staple dish is made of five artisanal kinds of Cheese and a delicious herby crust that can team up well with almost anything you order. However, for a different experience, you can try their Lobster Mac and Cheese, which features a whole lobster topping with some cheesy and crustacean goodness.

  • Latteria: For The Largest Cheese Pulls Of Your Dreams

If you are searching for a visually attractive Mac and Cheese in Singapore, then Latteria is the place to go. The decadent dish is brought to the table in a hollowed pumpkin shell and is packed with gooey mozzarella cheese, which renders the Cheese pulls that you see in ads. 

  • Five Oars Coffee Roaster: Fall In Love With Seafood-Flavoured Mentaiko Mac And Cheese

The restaurant’s signature dish is Mentaiko, and there’s everything to fall in love with, starting from its look to the creamy umami sauce. Five Oars Coffee Roasters imparts a seafood flavour to its Mentaiko Mac and Cheese by adding crab, prawns, and ebiko. 

These restaurants are the most acceptable options in Singapore that serve your dreams’ best Mac and Cheese. The dish is treated with superiority in these restaurants, but it is also prepared with love and dedication by the highly-qualified and experienced chefs of the city.