Why Is Beef Jerky Better Than Regular Beef?

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Most people’s concern these days is to eat appropriate amounts of protein. However, it may seem complicated with such oily and fatty fast food options. Although, including protein-rich options in your diet will help you balance your protein intake. High protein options mainly involve meat, dairy, or legumes. Of all these, meat is the one that has the highest amount of protein content in it, and beef is said to have a high amount of protein with other nutritional benefits. Mainly out of meat, jerked meat is believed to be the best kind having high protein, fiber, and other nutritional contents. 

What Is Jerky Beef?

Jerky beef is thin strips of meat cooked and dried to prevent spoilage and then marinated beforehand. The jerky beef comes from cows that are grass-fed instead of grain-fed. The nutritional contents of the grass-fed one are much better than the grain-fed one, which makes beef jerky more nutritious than the regular beef or other meat. One serving of jerked meat is meant to have 6 grams of protein with a high fiber value, low carb, and fat content. Besides being rich in protein, it has iron, folate, calcium, and vitamin A making it a great superfood source. Jerked meat is also a great snack because of its convenience as a go-to snack and can be eaten between meetings and classes. 

Nutritional Benefits Of Jerked Beef

Jerky beef is a low carbohydrate food source making it perfect for fat loss diets. In a serving of healthy beef jerky, 82 calories constitute seven grams of protein, two grams of carbohydrates, and five grams of fats. 1.1 gms comes from sugar in the carbohydrate content, and the rest comes from fibers. Jerked meat is an excellent dietary option for patients with type 2 diabetes because having a low glycemic index. Some other micronutrients constitute iron, magnesium, choline, and vitamin B12. A cup of jerked beef has about 537 grams of potassium, 7 milligrams of zinc, and 1800 milligrams of sodium. 

Consuming red meat has been shown to cause some types of cancer because of having high-fat content. The fat content in Country Archer jerked meat is low, making it safe than red meat. However, jerky meat may not be a good option for people with high blood pressure. Before trying any meat or beef, always remember to get an allergy test done.