BBQs 2U For Enjoyable Kamado Joe Bundle Buying Experience!

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Masterbuilt® | Kamado Joe®, Columbus, GA. Photo by John David Helms,

Established in 2002, BBQs 2U is a popular barbeque and accessories retailer. The independent family business aims to offer customers the best barbequing experience through sharing expert knowledge and quality BBQs. They offer an excessive collection of branded grills along with grilling and smoking accessories. 

BBQs 2U are selective in choosing grills for selling. They choose each brand after a rigorous testing process. If the brand fails to fulfill its expectations or lacks ethical practice then they never sell such brands. The BBQ brands they sell include Kamado Joe, Napolean, and Masterbuilt. They even sell Ooni Pizza Ovens for pizza lovers. They are passionate about barbequing, so they make sure that customers’ BBQ buying experience is enjoyable!

Kamado Joe Grill Styles

The Kamado Joe Classic collection includes –

  • Classic I – It is an ideal ceramic charcoal grill for backyard smoking and grilling activities. It includes in-built features suitable for hassle-free cooking. The 18” adjustable cooking surface has 2-tier Divide and Conquer system. Control tower top vent allows controlling temperature precisely between 225°F to 750°F maximum and scorch charcoal flavored heat directly. 
  • Classic II – Classic II differs from Classic I with features like a water-resistant Kontrol Tower top vent that keeps the temperature consistent with precise airflow maintenance. Airlift Hinge is designed to open and close the grill with ease. The dome reduces the weight by 96%. The fiberglass wire mesh gasket offers air-tight sealing. 
  • Classic III – Classic III is the most versatile and advanced ceramic grill including the advanced SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber attachment. The attachment hitches Cyclonic Airflow Technology and controls heat & smoke to help deliver matchless texture and taste to the food. It has 3-tier Divide and Conquers system that allows cooking food at different temperatures. 

The Kamado Joe Big Joe collection includes –

  • Big Joe I – It’s a heat-resistant, thick-walled shelled, which locks moisture and smoke at any temperature. It offers 24” cooking space and you choose a cart with locking wheels. It offers 2-tier Divide and Conquers system to simultaneously bake and grill food at different temperatures. Perfect to smoke from 225°F as well as sear at 750°F. Slide-out ash drawer allows simple cleaning. 
  • Big Joe II – With Big Joe II enjoy every benefit of the charcoal ceramic grill and entertain the crowd. With a cart, Big Joe II is perfect for outdoor kitchens. Lift the dome with a finger without crashing it while closing or opening. Cook different style food at distinct temperatures all at once with a 2-tier cooking system. 
  • Big Joe III – Big Joe III is equipped with a SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber that allows cooking food low & slow perfectly without concerns of random hot spots. The flexible 3-tier cooking system – Divide & Conquer reduces the time to stand before the grill. Attain a well-rounded meal all at once. 

Kamado Kettle Joe and Jnr are also designed with high quality. On BBQs 2U, people can purchase the Kamado Joe Bundle of different levels. Different bundle levels offer a customized experience suitable for distinctive cooking styles. For example, the DoeJoe allows transforming a Kamado into a fully functional pizza oven. Get in touch with BBQs 2U for bundle deals!