Everything You Need to Know About Bacon

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Bacon actually dates back to thousands of years. In the ancient China, it took the form of salted pork belly. Now it is found in various cultures and has become the most favorite breakfast food all around the world. You can find it in every consumer aspect like, bacon infused cupcakes, ice creams, lip-balm etc., and the taste and smell of bacon is loved by everyone.

If you love bacon then you will want to know how it is made, whether it is cured or not and the variations of bacon etc., here is the explanation on that. Traditionally, bacon comes from pigs and mainly from the belly part. The belly part is then trimmed perfectly to make them straight and sold either as cured or uncured bacon.

Though curing was done by our ancestors mainly to avoid meet from spoiling, nowadays it is done to create a special flavor. A mixture of sodium nitrate, salt and sugar is injected into the meat and is processed. Once this process is complete, the meat is pressed into a rectangular shape to make it easy to cut as per the customer’s desire.

Bacon is rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients. But any processed meat will have additives like nitrates and nitrites. If you want to enjoy bacon that is nitrate free, then Big John’s Nitrite Free Bacon Snack Sticks from Circle B Ranch must be your choice. They use pigs only from farm of high standards in order to produce high-quality bacon.

Bacon is definitely the best cut of meat and you should know the different types of it if you are a bacon lover. Let us have a look at different popular types available.

Streaky Bacon

Streaky bacon that is otherwise known as American bacon comes from pork belly. It has long layers of fat and is cured using salt and other spices. It is then smoked and different flavors are added to give a unique taste. These thin sliced layers become crispier since it has high fat content and it goes well with any dishes.


It is an Italian variety that is made from pork belly. It is often used as flavoring base in soups and pastas. Pancetta is usually not smoked but has strong pork flavors.

Back Bacon

Back bacon is from loin cuts and is popular in the UK and Canada. These are cut into little thicker hence has a chewer texture to it. You will get smoked and unsmoked versions in this type.

Canadian Bacon

These are cut from middle back of pig and are leaner than regular bacon. It comes in rounded slices rather than strips and is often ready to eat.


Lardons are small strips or cubes of half inch thick. These have a crispy edges and soft meaty centers. You can use these salty chunky morsels in any dish that suits the taste. Lardons can be easily made on your own by simply slicing some slab bacon into cubes.

Uncured Bacon

As the name implies, uncured bacon doesn’t have any artificial ingredients that cause health issues. These are often cured using celery, sea salt and flavored using natural ingredients like beet extracts, parsley etc.,

Non-pork Bacon

If you are not a big fan of pork, try alternate bacon from beef, turkey, duck and salmon.

Now enjoy your favorite bacon at any time of the day, in any style.