Is it Worth Getting A Good Water Purifier?

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As I’m sure most of us Singaporeans or Asians have experienced, our water source growing up came either from a kettle or boiler that was whistling throughout the day. Maybe our parents would even shout across the house, asking us to turn off the kettle.

Today, however, there have been huge advances made in water purification technology, including their personalization and suitability for home use. The age of the kettle could very well be over. Although, home water purifiers have also come under scrutiny lately for their health benefits. What exactly are they, and what does drinking purified water do for our body?

Tap Water Versus Purified Water

Boiling water has been a tried-and-tested method of cleaning our water since centuries ago. It kills harmful microbes and bacteria in the water, making it safe for human consumption. Boiling water today, however, does not guarantee that the impurities and metals contained from our water source gets removed.

Many of these trace impurities and minerals get introduced when water travels through our pipelines, some of which might not have been maintained for a good number of years. While it may not be a large source of illness, drinking clean, purified water for its health benefits is reason enough to get one for your home!

Modern, cutting edge water purifier from Coral Pure Natural are fitted with 8 stages of filtration and are selling out fast island wide. So, what is the hype surrounding these machines?

What’s in the Water?

A single glass of filtered, hydrogenated water comes with many times the amount of antioxidants and minerals. Incorporating water from Coral Pure into your lifestyle is a great option to boost you and your family’s immune systems. Their 8-level filtration process ensures that your water comes purified and clean. 4 of the 8 filters includes an RO membrane, or Reverse Osmosis (yes, like the one NE Water uses) to separate any trace foreign minerals and particles.

Next, the cleaned water passes through an additional 4 layers, consisting of a Mineral Alkalinity Filter and a Negative Ion Alkalinity Antioxidant Hydrogen Filter. While quite a mouthful to say out loud, these filters work behind the scenes in your purifier to infuse essential minerals, hydrogen, antioxidants and dissolved oxygen. These are chemicals beneficial for fighting signs of ageing and keeping symptoms of chronic illnesses at bay, so they are suited for families with old folk or the health conscious!

Benefits of Alkaline Water and it’s Uses

The purified water is also rendered fluoride free and pH positive, making it alkaline (basic) in nature. This water also has benefits for those who are keeping active lifestyles, including those into cardio fitness and gym-goers, since it helps with muscle recovery.

Coral Pure Natural’s water dispenser not only offers health benefits, but it has a unique taste distinct from boiled or filtered water. Try it for yourself and get the health benefits for your family today!

Last Thoughts: To Buy or Not to Buy?

To wrap up, Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers help introduce calcium, magnesium, potassium and a whole bunch of other health-boosting minerals to your water. They also help filter out fluoride and any other nasty minerals introduced before the water reaches your home, and lastly the water dispensed is made alkaline and antioxidant in nature to help reinforce your immune system.

It comes currently at S$2888 for its 8-filter model, which could be pricey at first glance – but we’d say that any price is worth paying if its investing in your family’s health.