Things You Need To Consider While Buying A Restaurant In Hong Kong

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You can buy an existing restaurant to fulfill your desire to be a restaurant owner. For that, you can find brokers or restaurant owners trying to sell a business in Hong Kong. However, you have to investigate well and consider a lot of things before buying or owning a restaurant. Easy Buy Sell Business is a business for a sales centre that helps you with all the resources to buy a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Here are some things you need to consider before buying a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Reasons To Sale The Restaurant

It’s the primary understanding you should have before you own an existing restaurant. You should not ignore such reasons just because you dodge the challenges of starting a restaurant. Usually, there are two reasons to sell a restaurant:

  • Sometimes the restaurant owner may have family issues, or they may want to relocate the restaurant. And, sometimes they just want to retire from the existing business. You should ensure that they are selling the restaurant for the right reasons.
  • Other reasons might be that the restaurant could not make enough money as expected. So, to prevent further losses, the owner might want to unload the restaurant.

Therefore, you should dig into the facts, do some research, and eventually, if you find it suitable to own a restaurant, you can proceed forward.

Financial Value Of The Restaurant

You should know if the restaurant you buy is really viable for you or not. You need to consider all the financial documents such as cash flow, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, tax history, and bank records of the restaurants. You should look into food costs, labor costs, and all the costs that include rents, utilities, taxes, and insurance. Moreover, you should know about the liabilities you hold after owning a restaurant, the monthly payments, and the overall finance of the restaurant.

Tax & Legal Matters

Many of the restaurants get closed due to failure in paying payroll or sales taxes. Owning such restaurants may put them at risk of paying government penalties. Similarly, there are other legal issues you should consider such as customer lawsuits, health department citations, unpaid wages, and back rent, and many more. You can get assistance from a lawyer to review all the records so that you could run a restaurant smoothly.


The owner may also want to sell business to relocate it. Therefore, you need to know if the location is feasible for your business or not and if any competitions may hurt your business, if the location is visible enough to attract the customers, etc. Also, if the place is rented, then you need to consider if the rent is affordable and fair.


You should own a restaurant that holds a good public image. You should consider how the public thinks of the services and foods provided by the existing restaurant. You can investigate it with the help of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Better Business Bureau. The investigation provides you insights into the people’s experiences and their ratings of the restaurant. It’s better to avoid buying a restaurant with terrible reputations.