Tonic Water That Adds The Sparkle Back Into Your Life

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The classic gin and tonic is a timeless drink that never loses its touch. This beverage is perfect for nearly any occasion, especially when the weather is warm and a cold drink becomes the best way to cool down and relax. Adding to the appeal of a gin and tonic, it is very simple to make because it only has two ingredients. Despite having only two ingredients, the gin and tonic can have subtle differences in taste depending on the tonic you use.

Since a gin and tonic is ideally made with one part gin and two parts tonic, the flavours present in the tonic play a big role in the overall taste of the drink. With that, you will want nothing but the best tonic options!

Choose Your Flavor

StrangeLove offers up various Australian tonic water flavours, all perfect for making a delicious gin and tonic. The balance of flavours works hand in hand to create a one-of-a-kind drink that you can enjoy at your leisure.

Our most popular tonic water, Tonic No. 8 or the Game Over Tonic, makes for the best choice among all. It contains just the right mixture of lemon and orange peel for a balanced zesty taste, while the juniper helps in toning down the bitter taste of gins. All in all, you will get a subtle yet complex flavour that both casual and experienced drinkers can appreciate. With this tonic, making the perfect drink becomes effortless. You do the mixing and leave the flavour palette to us!

For those looking for a lighter option with only hints of flavour that will not take away from the complex taste of top-shelf gin, the Light Tonic Water is the go-to choice. The Light tonic water uses the finest ingredients like the super-premium cinchona extract straight from Guatemala, adding to the variety in flavour without compromising on quality. Moreover, being the light choice, this tonic contains only 23 calories per bottle.

If you are in the mood for a more international sensation in your gin and tonic, then the Dirty Tonic Water with a Mediterranean style will fit the bill. The Dirty tonic includes cinchona bark which gives an earthy flavour worth exploring. The more daring connoisseur is likely to appreciate the flavour profile mixed with rosemary, sea salt, and orange peel. All these flavours come together for a unique experience with a delicious result.

More Than Just A Beverage

When done right, a gin and tonic become more than just a beverage. It becomes a whole new experience for you to enjoy. Being able to pick out the subtle flavours while enjoying the well-known taste of high-quality gin makes for the perfect combination for any occasion. No matter the style you seek or the flavours you are after, StrangeLove can provide the right tonic to meet your expectations. Nothing is more refreshing than a cold drink in hand to help you relax, unwind, or have some fun with friends!