Fantastic Food Items to Munch and Serve 

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The sheer happiness of food delivered to your doorstep, the excitement of a gift parcel, loved ones ringing your doorbell all remind you of one thing, the festive time. The much-awaited holiday season is beaming upon us, and it indeed begins and ends with food. Pune is a city of happiness, celebrates the festive season with all fun and traditions. High on food, people here love to commence their festive season with rituals, gatherings, gifts and food. The remarkable life in Pune has a secret which is their enormous food culture and mouth-watering dishes.

Warm-up with preparations, cake and food menus, the festive season is right here

A cake to begin the bash

The cake is that party bomb that announces the commencing of the bash. Hurrays and laughter are heartwarming. Make it memorable with online cake delivery in Pune, creamy Red velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla, Pineapple, Strawberry and theme cakes all being delivered to your doorstep; there is no hassle of going out to run the errands yourself.

Vada Pav, the very famous

Vada Pav happens to be one of the oldest dishes, yet the fan following is outrageous. It is not surprising, since the tangy taste of the sauces and the rich, spicy aroma of the pav can’t be found in any other dish. A popular street dish, it is also in demand at parties. You can not go wrong with the choice of Vada Pav; it is the one-stop most eaten dish of Pune.

Bhel as a snack

A reputed snack, Bhel is eaten with delight. Bhelpuri being the top choice, Sev Puri and Matka Bhel also run a pretty good show. Their crunchy, tangy and sour tastes added in perfect combinations to make it just as delicious for the tongue is commendable. The crunch of onions, the sour chutneys and spices mixed well is a bowl of heaven.

Dabeli dish and recipe

It is yet another renowned name in Pune and has been an inspiration in many other parts of the country as well. Food so lovely grabs attention from everywhere and so has happened with Dabeli. Made with a tangy-sweet potato dish stuffed in a bun with Namkeen on the side, it is the perfect lip-smacking dish for parties. Served with a soft drink, it is the best.

Puran Poli and its sweetness

A sweet and delicious food item, Puran Poli is nothing like you would expect it to be. The image of sweets that generally comes to our mind is nothing like this one. It is a sweet flatbread which is stuffed heavily with gram and jaggery. Treating your taste buds with both sweet and tangy flavours; this dish is a must-have on auspicious occasions.

Shrikhand, sweet and flavoursome

While soft drinks are also essential, a dish of Shrikhand sways away your mind. Its rich, creamy texture and taste, and sugary touch are mesmerizing. Mango Shrikhand is a prevalent category. As the name suggests, it is made with curd and mango combined with sugar and dry fruits. It is not a mouth savouring dish; it is to be eaten till the end of the time.

Bhakarwadi, a tangy snack

Last but not least, Bhakarwadi is a popular dish in Pune. It has a hint of tanginess and a bit of sugar. It is mixed so well that it is tough to determine which is dominant on the other. Coupled together along with the crunch and crisp of this dish, it makes up as the most eaten snack. It is light on your stomach but is heavy on your lips; you just can’t stop eating this one.

Ready for this festive season with your menu in hand, have a blast with your loved ones.