What are Plate Freezers?

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Freezing is a really important aspect for preservation of food. Whether it is preserving food at home or in the food industry. Freezing helps us in increasing the shelf life of the food. Whenever we buy something and we do not want to use it immediately, we keep it in the freezer to preserve it.

Some people may have heard about the term plate freezers. This technology is usually used in food industries to preserve food. Foods that are flat like fish fillets, pastries and beef patties can be preserved using plate freezers. Plate freezers can be also used for freezing foods which are of irregular shape such as cauliflower, spinach and broccoli.

Working Method

In the plate freezers, the food is pressed between the metal plates and they are then cooled to a particular temperature. Plate freezing technology has a lot of benefits like they help in freezing packaged and raw food. They can also be used for freezing large quantities of products fast. There are a lot of foods which we eat every day which have been frozen in a plate freezer. The main benefits of plate freezing are that it is a very fast process so the food is frozen very quickly.

Ease Of Cleaning

Plate freezers are designed in a way that they can be cleaned easily so it is very beneficial for food industries as the maintenance and cleaning costs can be very high sometimes. So, they can be cleaned on a regular basis without calling any specialist. One more added advantage is that they are hygienic because of the fact that they can be cleaned frequently. Plate freezers are made from stainless steel so they can be easily maintained and cleaned.

Types of Plate Freeze

There are two types of plate freezers. One is the horizontal plate freezer while the other one is the vertical plate freezer. Both horizontal and vertical plate freezers have the same functions but they are still slightly different from each other.

  • Horizontal Plate Freezers

In the horizontal plate freezers, the products are placed in the trays and after that they are slid into the freezing plates. In horizontal plate freezers, the frozen blocks can be easily stored and stacked. They are very easy to install and the energy consumption is also very less. You can find a wide range of models for the horizontal plate freezers.

  • Vertical Plate Freezers

The functions of the vertical plate freezers are almost the same as the horizontal plate freezers but the products are placed in vertical pockets. There is a good amount of storage in the vertical plate freezers. Just like the horizontal plate freezers, vertical freezers also are very easy to install and their energy consumption is less. The cost of maintenance of these freezers is very low.

There are a lot of brands offering a wide range of both horizontal and vertical plate freezers at different prices. If you want to buy one, you should do your research and then decide which one will be suitable according to your needs.