Tips On How To Prepare And Keep Your Meat Fresh While Camping

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We are very hungry after all day of hiking

The one thing that determines if your camping trip went okay or the absolute best is the food! The thought of the different kinds of meat preparations you will be able to cook by using grills and barbecues is just so enticing. However, the main concern that constantly bugs you is how to stop the meat from going bad. 

The food that you pack for your camping and backpacking trip should be healthy as well as provide you with sufficient calories. If you are searching for some trusty recipes that are easy to prepare and less time-consuming then you should visit Easy Campfire Recipies. You can get more info here on their site about the various camping recipes.

There are a few things that a camper should always do beforehand with concerns about the food so that the camping trip goes as smoothly as possible. 

This includes –

  • Planning every meal – When it comes to camping, don’t try to wing your food. It is best to pre-plan and list down all the food that you will prepare during your camping trip so that you aren’t stuck in an unexpected situation. Only decide on the food that you are confident you can prepare. No one wants to nibble on chips and crackers when they could be having a meal!
  • Prep and marinate the meat – Do invest your time in your food preparation before you go on the camping trip. Marinate your meat and try to prepare the sauce in advance and store them properly so that you can enjoy yourself and don’t have to spend more time cooking.
  • Pack essential kitchen utensils – Some standard kitchen utensils are mandatory during camping. Utensils such as a cast iron, wooden spoons, long tongs, cutting board, knives, and lighter fluids are recommended cooking tools to keep. 
  • Pack your cooler sensibly – Coolers help keep your delicious grubs fresh while you are outdoors. There are many ways to go about while packing a cooler –
  • Pack meat in zip bags – Meat should be packed in airtight Ziploc and waterproof bags. This will prevent the meat from spoiling when the ice starts to melt, protecting it from getting soggy. 
  • Pre-chill – The meat packets should be kept in the freezer to chill. This will stop your food from getting spoiled and you can just take it out of the freezer and put it into the cooler at the last minute so that it won’t melt easily. The same goes for the coolers, don’t just bring it in from the hot garage and dump it with ice. 
  • Use a fridge thermometer – While you are buying a cooler, also invest in a fridge thermometer. It is a good buy and helps you monitor the temperature of the cooler so that you can regulate and change it whenever necessary.
  • Avoid cross-contamination – Keep the cooked and uncooked meats separately. Organize it so that you don’t have to rummage through the cooler to find them. 

While going camping, no knowledge is wasted and the more you know the better you can keep your meats fresh.