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What is the ideal quantity of protein for your kid?

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Undoubtedly, protein is essential for every age group, particularly for growing children. Most parents across the world get worried that their carb-loving children are not getting ample protein and other nutrients.

The fact is that many kids obtain plenty of protein even if meat is not their beloved food. That is as protein is found in a whole cluster of areas. For many healthy children, protein necessities are not difficult to meet.

How much protein is essential for children?

For a 4 year old child, 19 grams of protein every day is enough. Children between 9 and 13 years require 34 grams of protein every day.

For those who are 14 to 18, protein requirements fluctuate by gender. Girls require 46 grams, whereas boys require 52 grams.

On the whole, the kids must get ample protein daily if they have 2 servings of dairy like cheese, milk, yogurt, and a couple of servings of lean protein like pork, fish, lean beef, and poultry. Anything more from protein supplements might surpass their daily requirements.

Many say that boys or kids who are more energetic require more protein to fuel their bodies, but that’s only a myth. They do burn more, but just elite athletes should bother about introducing proteins to their diets, and only if they are above 18.

Which is the best nutrition drink for kids?

Horlicks Growth Plus is an excellent choice for the physical and mental growth of the little ones. The product contains calcium to sustain bone thickness and aids the children in achieving healthier bones.  Also, it even claims that it is helpful for kids in gaining lean muscles and eventually aids in raising their physical strength.

Along with that, it also helps in enhancing the concentration in children that is beneficial for them in their studies and other routine activities.